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"The human animal is a mans eternal instinct to follow your compulsions to the depths. fear not what you fear at your conclusion but do what you feel to be dangerously right. for in gambling we win or lose, but blandness is a world of nothing. jail me in my time of compassion but bars will not trap my strengthened mind. for in the end it's only a beginning. the strength of my burning desire will crush the walls of blandness. I am not guilty, I am myself take or leave it, but do not use it. I am an artist with extreme capabilities. you all know of me, you all want a piece of me. then you discard back to your bland, when you go back and talk. I'll still be headed for the edge, that's just the way I am. and the way I'll always be. Don't take me back with you"

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"I was never the teacher's pet, NO! I was radical outside the rest, you know"