I knew the man, not his headstone...

"Someone Has To Be The Leader, And No One Else Is Doing It."

GG ALLIN and Skeeter in Jackson State Prison 1992

WHO is this Skeeter guy....

I knew GG Allin for years. I started buying his music in the mid 80's. Then he & I exchanged letters. I even bought a few oil paintings GG did, while in Ann Arbor, MI. The parole board put him up at the YMCA to live. I finally met him in 1991 at the Ice Pick in Muskegon, Michigan. I have never felt fear, like I did, when I was at one of his shows. What a rush! I still miss him.

My band, VOMITOSE, were to record with GG in the Summer of '93. My guitarist Jay M.F. still has the letter from GG explaining which songs we were to learn. What other band visited GG while he was in prison? None. Not even his family members. And GG was locked up for nearly 3 years. That says alot.

Maybe you saw us on the Jerry Springer Show in April 1993 with GG? Back when the show was real. And not the fake wrestling crap, like it turned in to. GG had the producers call me. They invited Vomitose to come to Chicago & support GG. I was the one in the GG & Vomitose shirt, who got up first to talk with Jerry. We had a blast! GG was great. Really funny too. Have you seen a more weird looking Chicago crowd before? The video shows it all. I also have lots of photos from that day too.

THE MISSION! GG set me up with all his personal contacts, to sell his merchandise, starting in 1990. Ask GG's friends who I am. GG even turned me on to John Wayne Gacy. (that's another story) For 24 years I have been giving the fans a HUGE selection of GG merch! One day, my stories & photos, will make it into a book. With an author I trust. I have a ton of unreleased photos I'd love to post here on the net. From prison visits, to live gigs, to hanging out by a dumpster. You name it. But, everyone in the world would steal them & use them. ( Just look around the net at other GG sites & see my photos being used ) Also, LOOK at the cover of Halycon Records release of GG's "Always was..." CD. That photo is mine, taken backstage at the Jerry Springer show taping. I'm standing next to GG in the original photo. Crop me out & you have a new CD cover. No attempt to contact me or ask my permission. That won't happen again. I'll keep my photos & videos to myself. FINALLY, after years of bitching, I get partial credit inside that booklet.

While he was here in Michigan, I kinda helped GG out with things. Being money, clothes, phone calls, flyers, lawyer work, whatever he needed done. I was able to see GG concerts in Chicago, Detroit, & Muskegon. Even recorded a few shows myself.

Web sites about GG Allin come & go. I have been on the net since 1994. And still going strong. Look at all the photos and videos of GG & I together back then. So when you see me selling a GG Allin autograph on this site, you know that it is AUTHENTIC! No eBay fake crap!

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