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This GG ALLIN website started in 1994 & is still going strong 24 years later! Made by a GG fan, for the GG fans! A DIY site. No fancy corporate crap here.

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GG Allin--Tour Diary in the Merchandise area!

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GG Allin Limited Edition 7" available NOW! Here it is... The Tiny Tim and GG Allin split 7"!!! This is what the world needs!! 6 tracks (5 songs and a message from Tiny Tim) on one red vinyl slab of wax. This is a hand numbered limited edition of 500. Brand new and un-played...fresh from the factory. An all acoustic gem from these two American legends. The tracks are side a: (GG side) Borrowed Time, Pick Me Up (on your way down) Side b (Tiny side) Hollywood Cowboys, Medley For England, I Believe In Tomorrow. Be the first on your block to own one!

** Added **
GG Allin Bobblehead available NOW! A limited-edition figure of GG Allin "1991" (2,000 hand numbered). Each "Throbblehead" figure stands at 7 inches tall, is made of a lightweight polyresin, and will be displayed in a tri-windowed box. Check it out in the MERCH area!

GG Allin bobblehead

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Just added a ton of cool stuff to my store. Click the link on the left of this page!
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GG Allin DVD available NOW! A collection of live performances and disgusting moments together on one DVD. The very best of the very worst of GG Allin.

The Best Of GG Allin DVD

** Added **
GG Allin 7" available NOW! Hot off the press, this 7" single from GG Allin (and The Criminal Quartet) featuring 2 tracks from the CD, Carnival of Excess. Once again Ponk Media brings you what once was the impossible. The Master Of Disaster, Duane Peters, is teaming up with The Notorious GG Allin!! This 4 song split 7" e.p. is one bad ass slab of wax! 2 tracks from Carnival Of Excess and 2 tracks from The Duane Peters Gunfight.

Get these while you can!!!
** Added **
GG Allin Limited Edition 7" available NOW! Hot off the press, this is a limited edition 7" (of 500) single from GG Allin (and The Criminal Quartet) featuring 2 tracks from the CD, Carnival of Excess. The songs are a. Outskirts Of Life and b. The Snakeman. The singles are on randomly mixed marbled vinyl, meaning every one is different and unique. Some are gray marbled, some are purpleish marbled etc. I have no control over what color is shipped, but they are all very cool. They are hand numbered too. Don't miss out on a chance to grab one of these while they are available!

Paperback Book. (This is the 2nd Edition Printing) 126 pages. Also includes pictures from his last shows and from on the road. Evan tells his story of being their video taper for 3 months.

GG Allin Carnival Of Excess

** NEW RELEASE May 2007 **
GG Allin's Carnival Of Excess is finally back in print and sounds better than ever! This updated issue of the CD contains new artwork and has been Mastered by KRAMER. Kramer, who played bass for GG at the infamous Cat Club Show in NYC --circa 1986, has worked with and/or been a part of Shockabilly, Ween, The Butthole Surfers, Penn and Teller, Bongwater, Half Japanese, and many, many more artists. He digitally mastered this classic recording at his studio, Noise Miami, in March 2007. It has never sounded better!! Pick up a copy of the new Carnival Of Excess now! I carry the UN-CENSORED VERSION! They had to change the cover for release to record stores. I have a VERY LIMITED supply of the Original pressing for sale. Get em while you can!

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Welcome to my GG Allin website!
Many years ago GG set me up with all his label contacts. So I could sell his merchandise & get the word out. Since 1990 I've been giving his fans a huge selection of all his music. Not just the stuff that's been made, after his death, to "cash in" on his name. Look at all the photos & videos of GG & I together back then. So when you see me selling a GG Allin autograph on this site, you know that it is AUTHENTIC! No eBay fake crap! The money earned here buys more GG ALLIN stuff to sell & pays for this website. GG asked me to sell his things at an affordable price & keep his name alive. I have since day one. LOOK back at your old issues of Maximum Rock N Roll & Flipside magazines. My GG classified ads were in there back then. Has anyone offered a Bigger & Better variety of GG stuff anywhere, in the last 24 years? NO WAY! Try to find some of the items I sell here. And have always sold. You like to collect GG Allin VINYL? It's here. How bout those other sites? Not so much huh. I maintain this website to honor GG's memory. Thank you for your business and support.


Alice Cooper rate's fellow Shock Rocker GG Allin on a scale of 1 to 10: "Well, now, that's like really, really up there - he took it as far as you could take it."